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I’m listening to WERS on TuneIn. #RealRadio

@AmalgamDigital Recording Artist @el_ch3z #ChuuWee Drops his debut EP CooL World April 29th via #iTunes #AmalgamDigital #CoolWorld

Darien Castro - Progress Takes Time & Pain (feat Boston Strong) (by Darien Castro)

Mama’s and the Papa’s remixed into an electronic hiphop beat.

Gonna have a visual music video for this coming up. Stay tuned on new progress!

the Blue Screen

LINK:    the blue screen

(via chuckb53)

the Author

Hi, the name’s Dante Castro

I was born in Sao Paulo, Brasil. I’ve lived on all coasts of the great states. I  speak 4 different languages: English, Portuguese, French, & Spanish. My passion is in music & art.

Dopest kicks:

Newspaper Section (I know, they do still exist):
Technology & Business. 

Favorite cuisine:
Anthony Bourdain.

Fishing. Parcour. Chess. Futebol. 

Current Affiliates: 

twatter: @dantecastro
phone: 617.383.1100